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Josh Whinston

8:30 a.m.

each morning

...and his guitar, and his enthusiasm, and his beautiful, energetic children...

Start your day with music and energy and enthusiasm as you
sing along with Rabbi Whinston.


How to Create a Meaningful Shabbat Experience
at Home

So long as you’re feeling well, why not take some time to plan a meaningful at-home Shabbat experience? Here are just a few ways you can make the most of Shabbat and feel like part of a larger Jewish community – even when you can’t leave the house.



9 Jewish Activities to Try

When You’re Cooped Up
at Home with Kids

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Jewishly inspired crafts, recipes, activities, videos, and other ideas to keep you and your family occupied during days spent at home – all while learning about and embracing Judaism together.



“Homeshuling” Under Quarantine:

Fun Jewish Videos for Virtual Learning

As we try to “flatten the curve” of the virus by staying home, many of us are thinking about how to continue to engage children in opportunities for learning, both Jewishly and otherwise.

(And if you sometimes just want to have fun with screen time,

that’s OK, too!)




BimBam uses digital storytelling
to spark connections to Judaism for learners of all ages.


The Jewish Children's
Learning Network

Akhlah, the Jewish children’s learning network, is an important resource created to provide Jewish children and their families access to the prayers, stories and rituals that have bound Jews together around the world and through the ages. Akhlah is specifically designed for the youngest and least knowledgeable among us, while maintaining scrupulous attention to the details of the subject matter.



Animal keepers and veterinary staff remain working on-site at the Zoo.

The animal webcams remain online, but volunteers will not be operating them, so animals may not be visible at all times.



From our family to yours.

We spend months crafting each box, transforming traditions into experiences, recipes and craft projects for the whole family. We work hard, to make it easy for you to celebrate your culture and traditions.


Magic Workshops

Learn to do MAGIC with stuff around the house

Specific dates and times will be publicized very soon.
Please check back regularly.


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